What’s the growth hormone

What's the growth hormone?

Growth hormone is naturally produced in the anterior pituitary gland, and the production level in surrounding tissues is low. Growth hormone is a mixture of isotypes, most of which are 22kDa (191 amino acid) variants that most people are familiar with. In addition, a 15-amino acid isoform lacking interaction with the prolactin receptor was also produced. This form is called 20kDa, and although it binds to the growth hormone receptor in a different way, it has been shown to have the same effect on 22kDa. It appears that the diabetic activity of 20kDa is lower than 22kDa. The pituitary gland releases a mixture of these two isoforms, the average content of which is 20kDa, which may account for 10% of the total, although this percentage increases after exercise.

Synthetic growth hormone is a synthetic hormone that is "same" as the main natural (endogenous) isoform. Its molecular weight is usually 22kDa (kilodaltons), composed of 191 amino acids (primary structure), and has a very special folding pattern, including three-dimensional structure (tertiary structure). Through a process called thermal denaturation, the tertiary structure may undergo shape changes. Although many laboratories can produce growth hormone (GH) with the appropriate primary structure, not all laboratories can produce the same tertiary structure as the main natural growth hormone. The tertiary structure can determine the binding strength of growth hormone molecules and receptors, which in turn affects the "strength" of intracellular signal transduction, thereby regulating protein transcription, metabolism and the production of IGF-1.

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