Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding
Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding

Product introduction of Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin is a peptide used to help augment growth hormone production, made up of a chain of 5 amino acids. It's formally known as a growth hormone secretagogue – a compound that is not a growth hormone itself, but promotes and triggers the production of growth hormone in the human pituitary. Benefits include decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, improved sleep, and increased collagen production.

It is similar with GHRP-6 but not lead to strong hunger like GHRP-6. Ipamorelin and CJC1295 are often used together to stimulate muscle development. The combination works by increasing the blood level of hormones associated with growth.

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Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding

Ipamorelin Peptide Powder For Bodybuilding

Ipamorelin is a penta-peptide And the strength it displays may very well make regular old GH obsolete. But what athletes and bodybuilders really want to know is what is this wonder peptide capable of doing, how is it used, and how does it compare to the other GHRP peptides.

Ipamorelin is a fascinating new muscle building discovery that is getting a lot of attention in the bodybuilding world. It is a synthetic peptide that has powerful Growth Hormone releasing properties. And these GH releasing properties are what is of interest to athletes and bodybuilders since they can make a tremendous difference in the amount of muscle you can grow and how quickly you burn fat.








Item Ipamorelin
Cas. No. 170851-70-4
MF No. C38H49N9O5
Purity 0.99
Appearance White powder
Specification 2mg/Vail
Storage Cool dry place if not open, opened ones should be stored in 2-8 degree condition
Certificates COA, HPLC
OEM service Available














Product Function and Application for Ipamorelin:

♦ Decreased body fat

♦ Increase lean muscle mass

♦ Improved sleep

♦ Increase collagen production

♦ Increase in bone denisity

♦ Improve recovery and repair from injuries

♦ Strengthen immune system

♦ Improve cognition and memory

♦ Fights the signs of aging

Ipamorelin is one of the safest, most effective forms of growth hormone (GH) restoration, widely used to support age management, disease management, sports performance and GH deficiency treatment protocols. The peptides CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin combined gives you both a GHRH(amplifier) and a GHRP (or inducer). This combination will promote the increase of GH by both increasing the strength of the pulse of GH release along with increasing the number of cells that secrete GH (somatotrophs).

The recommend dosage of Ipamorelin:

Amount per administration: 200 to 300mcg(0.2 to 0.3mg)

Administration frequency: 1 to 3 times daily


1.Product advantage

♦ High purity, all over 98.5%, there won’t have any impurity after it dissolved
♦ Every batch we will do the test to make sure the quality
♦ OEM and private label service with free design
♦ Various cap color for choose
♦ We also could provide the Raw material powder of MT1 peptide
2.Factory advantage
♦ Professional research team
♦ High tech R&D laboratory over 5 PhD
♦ Over 1000㎡ factory manufacture line to make sure the supply stable
♦ Over 1200 works to manufacture products and control the quality
3.Service advantage
♦ 24h online service
♦ Track package information throughoutand update it for customer
♦ Professional sales team
♦ Small order accepted service
Re-ship service if seize by custom
Q1:Are you manufacture or Trading company?
A1:We are manufacture and we also have our lab.
Q2:How to make an order ?
A2:Just please contact us and send the requirements details to us. Or find us in our Alibaba shop.
Q3: What liquid should I add into the Vail? And how much liquid needed?
A3: You can add sterile water or saline, 1 Vail add 1ml liquid is ok.
Q4:How to ship the package and how many days arrive at destination?
A4: We will delivery the package to you after received your payment by DHL, FEDEX, USPS, HKPOST etc. And it need take about 7-10 days to your hand.
Q5: Can you do the re-ship if the package seize by custom?
A5: Yes, we do the re-ship service for you if the package really seized by custom.
Q6: Can you do the private label and what’s the MOQ?
A6: We can do the private label with free design, but the MOQ should be 300boxes above.
Q7: How can i make the private label?
A7: Just please let me know your requirements of main color of box, logo and the words you wanna make it on the box and sticker. We have designer to design it for you . We will manufacture it until you satisfied.
Q8: Which payment ways i can use?
A8: We could accept T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, Trade Assurance in Alibaba.
Q9: Do you have any guarantee of the quality?
A9: Yes, we could provide your the certification of COA, HPLC, GMP etc. And we could send the blood test to your from our other customers either.

Ipamorelin, Ipamorelin the first selective growth hormone in USA

What are the things that you need to know about growth hormone?

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