Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin
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Growth Hormone Powder Tesamorelin



Product Introduction ofTesamorelin

Tesamorelin is a synthetic peptide consisting of 44 amino acids of hGRF. It is a synthetic form. Tesamorelin can promote the production of growth hormone in the body and accelerate its spread and spread in the body, thereby achieving the effect of increasing metabolism, reducing belly fat and improving body shape.

Clinical trials have proved that Tesamorelin can stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone to reduce fat, and its side effects are much less than HGH.Tesamorelin has been proven to reduce the symptoms of lipodystrophy in HIV-infected people and reduce fat in non-HIV-infected people.







Item Name Tesamorelin
CAS No. 901758-09-6
Specification 2mg/vial and 10vials/box
Purity Over 99%
Molecular Formula C220H364N72O67S
Storage Temperature 2-8℃ in fridge
Function Reduce belly fat
Appearance White freeze-dried powder
Certification COA, HPLC, GMP
Shelf life 2 years
Shipping 5-10 days by DHL/FEDEX/USPS etc.
Delivery service We will delivery the package to our customers by the best shipping way and provide re-ship service if package seized by custom


Main function of Tesamorelin

♦ Tesamorelin is a new type of first aid weight loss medicine that can reduce fat.

♦ Tesamorelin helps bodybuilders lose fat and increase muscle quickly and effectively.

♦ Tesamorelin can be used to reduce abdominal fat in HIV patients. For bodybuilders who are not easy to gain muscle, Tesamorelin is a good choice.

♦ Tesamorelin can eliminate body fat in the waist, thereby increasing muscle. Reduce visceral fat content in HIV patients infected with abdominal fat hypertrophy.

♦ Tesamorelin can also be used as a placebo to improve the awareness of the elderly.

Main Application of Tesamorelin

Mainly used to reduce belly fat content and increase muscle.

Used for cognitive impairment in the elderly to improve the cognition of the elderly.

The recommended dosage of Tesamorelin

Use 1 time a day, 250mcg each time.

Tesamorelin is in the form of freeze-dried powder. It needs to be mixed with sterile water or antibacterial water. After mixing, use an insulin syringe for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection.


1.Product advantage

♦ High purity, all over 98.5%, there won’t have any impurity after it dissolved
♦ Every batch we will do the test to make sure the quality
♦ OEM and private label service with free design
♦ Various cap color for choose
♦ We also could provide the Raw material powder of MT1 peptide
2.Factory advantage
♦ Professional research team
♦ High tech R&D laboratory over 5 PhD
♦ Over 1000㎡ factory manufacture line to make sure the supply stable
♦ Over 1200 works to manufacture products and control the quality
3.Service advantage
♦ 24h online service
♦ Track package information throughoutand update it for customer
♦ Professional sales team
♦ Small order accepted service
Re-ship service if seize by custom
Q1:Are you manufacture or Trading company?
A1:We are manufacture and we also have our lab.
Q2:How to make an order ?
A2:Just please contact us and send the requirements details to us. Or find us in our Alibaba shop.
Q3: What liquid should I add into the Vail? And how much liquid needed?
A3: You can add sterile water or saline, 1 Vail add 1ml liquid is ok.
Q4:How to ship the package and how many days arrive at destination?
A4: We will delivery the package to you after received your payment by DHL, FEDEX, USPS, HKPOST etc. And it need take about 7-10 days to your hand.
Q5: Can you do the re-ship if the package seize by custom?
A5: Yes, we do the re-ship service for you if the package really seized by custom.
Q6: Can you do the private label and what’s the MOQ?
A6: We can do the private label with free design, but the MOQ should be 300boxes above.
Q7: How can i make the private label?
A7: Just please let me know your requirements of main color of box, logo and the words you wanna make it on the box and sticker. We have designer to design it for you . We will manufacture it until you satisfied.
Q8: Which payment ways i can use?
A8: We could accept T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, Trade Assurance in Alibaba.
Q9: Do you have any guarantee of the quality?
A9: Yes, we could provide your the certification of COA, HPLC, GMP etc. And we could send the blood test to your from our other customers either.



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Get a complete idea about peptide that is available Modhgh

Peptide is a compound that contains 44 amino acids and that is the reason it is so good for your body. We provide GHRP which contains peptide that replenish your body and it is very popular among the people who are into intense workout, sports and body building. It has Tesamorelin which is a synthetic peptide and it induces growth hormone which helps in metabolism. When the metabolism rate is high you will be able to reduce your belly fat that will eventually improve your body shape. We provide 100% authentic and pure products.

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