Mod Biotech co., ltd was established in 2008 and situated in Aerospace And IT Science And Technology Park, Kunming city, Yunnan province, China. Presently it is one of the greatest synthetic material assembling in Yunnan area.

It was organized by 5 post-doctors of biology returnees, cooperate with famous universities and research institutes to set up laboratories. We are an innovative of present day maker with a rigorous scientific management system.

Our company has an enterprising group made out of profoundly instructed and excellent talents. With a senior unfamiliar exchange group, we have amassed rich involvement with online business activity.

We have enough factory strength!

Our production line covers a territory of 3000 square meters and it is new kind of present day producer with an exceptionally logical administration system. With delightful climate, our cutting edge workshop has agreed to GMP standard. Our creation gear, strategy and system have been coming up to the globally progressed level. Our high-temperature extraction and one-shot bundling machines are genuinely the best in terrain China. We set up a total and amazing quality control system and we passed ISO9001 affirmation in September, 2010.

Our industrial facility is ISO9001 creation standard, with our own normalized creation lines and gear. The items we produce arrive at the drug level and have passed FDA accreditation. Each bunch of items is tried by COA and HPLC for virtue, quality, content, and so forth, and just when they arrive at the standard is transported, and the quality is carefully controlled.

What kind of high quality products do we have?

We have 12 years experience. Our company have numerous arrangement of items, there are Peptide, SARMS, Nooptropics, steroid.

Our products can be used in Pharmaceutical , Health care and Cosmetic field:

  • Pharmaceutical Field

Our items can be utilized to treat melancholy, control human hormone levels, and improve intelligent development.

  • Health care Field

Our items contains human growth hormone (HGH), they can be utilized to increase muscle mass, lessen fat, shape an ideal body shape, improve nervousness, help rest, and adjusting the moods.

  • Cosmetic Field

Our items can be added to the assembling of beautifying agents to promote skin metabolism and make the skin smooth and delicate.

We have the amazingly solid participation soul, the great social obligation and clings to the idea of winning the market with quality, picking up validity with inventive assistance, and giving clients excellent, productive and quick help wholeheartedly.

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