Is it safe to use human gh?

HGH is illegal to sell and use in many countries, but if it is prescription from doctor or take by body builders, it is ok.

Most of our HGH are sold to bodybuilders or athletes who want to keep in a best body shape and condition. And they always checked all information for taking HGH and then decide to buy, they know if their body can stand for it or not.









The HGH injection need to be make in a standard dosage and usage. Please noted the right injection usage as below:

  1. Buy syrings and sterile water from pharmacy shop.
  2. Mix the sterile water and powder, use syrings to get proper dosage volume.
  3. Sterilize the inject spot on skin before injection
  4. Finish the injection, the left HGH need to be put in refrigerator for next time usage.

You can do the injection below the skin and into the fatty tissue, best sites can be stomach, deltoid, and thigh.

Once you make it according to the standard usage and dosage, there is no harm to your body.

A small part people may feel a little allegy reaction on the skin, it shows red marks surround the injection point, but when body used to it, the red marks will disappear and it is no influence for the HGH effects, can keep using it.

In general, it is safe to use HGH if in right way. Please buy HGH from a reliable dealer and get the best quality HGH, don't take low purity HGH and don't overdose.