Information about Ipamorelin

What exactly is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is one of the newest peptides in the growth factor family and is a safe and effective GHRP. it is also a Ghrelin receptor agonist and agonist.

This peptide causes an increase in growth hormone secretion similar to its counterpart, but in contrast to its counterpart, it does not stimulate appetite or increase cortisol, acetylcholine and prolactin levels.

Benefits of Ipamorelin.

Decrease in body fat

Increased collagen production

Increased lean muscle mass

Improved sleep

Increased cellular repair and regeneration

Increased IGF-1

Increases bone mineral content

Counteracts the catabolic effects of glucocorticoids

Less appetite stimulation than GHRP-6

Reduces the release of cortisol, prolactin and aldosterone

Ipamorelin has been shown to be very effective and has also shown a good safety and tolerability profile in human clinical studies.

Ipamorelin may be one of the best alternatives to HGH therapy.


Ipamorelin does not stimulate hunger and release growth hormone-releasing peptidase, and it does not make your stomach grow, so you won't feel hungry.

Ipamorelin does not have the ability to significantly increase cortisol levels. This is a positive difference. Patients who received any pro-secretin therapy reported feeling nervous, sweaty or tense due to an overall decrease in cortisol levels.

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