How to make human gh work?













People always ask why there is no any feelings or improvements after injecting HGH, but actually it depends on many different conditions.

First, the benifits for HGH varies for different people, Multiple factors that determine how you respond to human growth hormone (HGH) injection therapy include:

  • Age
  • Your schedule of HGH injections.
  • Your body’s absorption and response to HGH.
  • Your general health, including any underlying medical conditions.

All these may influence the effect after injecting HGH, and some people may feel better in a short time, some need longer time.

Second, the HGH quality is also important. Normally purity above 98-99% average may achieve best results, but if you inject some inferior HGH with purity 80%, the effect is not very obvious and it may harmful to your body.

Last but not least, different dosage will lead to different effects. If you just use it first time, take 3-4iu each day to see if you feel good, and there is no any side effect, but you don't have any improvement in body, then just add a little volume like 5-6iu each day, find a best dosage volume for yourself and insist to do the schedual, you will get result what you want. Some body builders and athletes may take 10-15iu each day to get a best body condition.

In a word, you need to know about your body condition, and buy best quality HGH, do the injection with a proper dosage, it will brings you many benifits.