Q1: How to order this product?
A1: You can check from our Alibaba shop, and order from the alibaba link, or just send us your delivery information, we will draft order for you.
Q2: How long can I receive my ordered goods?
A2: We ship by express door to door; you can receive it in 7-15 days.
Q3: What liquid should I add into the Vail? And how much liquid needed?
A3: You can add sterile water or saline, 1 Vail add 1ml liquid is ok.
Q4: Will I have any side effects after using HGH?
A4: If you just begin to use, it is better to follow doctor’s prescription. And if there is no allergy or any uncomfortable symptom, you can continue to use but take it in a suitable dosage. A few people will have slight allergy reaction, but after your body get used to it, the allergy will be disappear and back to normal.
Q5: Can women take HGH?
A5: Women generally producing more gh levels than men, but if you’re into fitness or exercise, you can consume HGH supplements safely, and take by a lower dosage.
Q6: How long I can get effects after I take HGH?
A6: It needs a few months, and then you can see obvious change in your body. At the beginning, you may feel more energy and sleep better, and slowly you can build muscle and lose fat.
Q7: What the time of one day is the best time to take HGH?
A7: The best time is before you go to do sports or exercises. Or you can take in the morning or evening.
Q8: How to store it?
A8: If it hasn’t been opened, just put it in cool dry place, if it is opened, you may put in in cold storage for 2-5 degree condition.
Q9: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A9: We are manufacturer since 2008, peptides are our main product, and we are also developing others, such as sarms, nootropics, plant extracts, etc.